Modern muse shop 

Multi-brand concept store of elegant and timeless clothes and jewelry that do not depend on passing seasons and trends.

Our store will help you to build a basic, functional and sophisticated wardrobe of essential and high-quality things in modern classical style.

Integrity, simplicity and intelligence are the three sources of our inspiration and the main foundation for our collections.

We focused on the personal style - the way a modern woman actually looks, thinks and dresses. She is multifaceted and complete, independent and confident, soft and strong, feminine, full of style, innovative and with the same dynamic contrasts as her life and her personality. She is a woman who inspires everyone she meets. 


Modern muse jewelry 

Modern Muse Studio is a jewelry brand that was launched in 2018 in Tel Aviv by Victoria Zerkal with the shop and studio located in the most sophisticated area in the city - Neve Tzedek.

The brand is collaging the inspiration from  art, architecture and all beautiful things around us and channelling «L’art de vivre» and vacation mood.

Modern Muse is a range of unique and personal jewelry, handcrafted from pearls, crystals and semi-precious stones. We love to mix and match different styles and colours for a statement stacked effect. Our signature features include pearl letter charms, gold plated coin necklaces and mismatched earrings.